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Fire insulation - inhibit the fire

When buildings and constructions burn it is very important to inhibit the fire spreading and to avoid that supporting structures are damaged and weakened by the fire.

Contact us today for a non-committal offer on fire insulation - call +45 98 51 20 09 or email on info@unitech-isolering.dk.

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Fire insulation must be carried out by professionals

As fire insulation is an essential and vital part of a buildings fire protection, it is important that materials and the work itself are of high quality. You should always have professionals carry out fire insulation work.

At UNITECH we have many years of experience with fire insulation and using Conlit fire protection we can protect against fire for up to 120 minutes.

Experienced employees

All of our employees have extensive experience with fire insulation, and are used to working both in Denmark and abroad. We always meet our deadlines and work by solid craftsmanship.

Offer on fire insulation

We are always ready to give you a non-committal offer on fire insulation. Call us on +45 98 51 20 09 or send an email to info@unitech-isolering.dk.