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Insulation of fridge and freezer systems

We are specialized in insulation of refrigeration and freezer systems, and we carry out any type of fridge and freezer insulation. Contact us on +45 98 51 20 09 or info@unitech-isolering.dk for at non-committal offer on insulation of refrigeration and freezer systems.

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Advantages of correct insulation

A correct insulation is crucial for the energy use in fridge and freezer systems. Besides the direct savings on energy spend, a good insulation will reduce the maintenance costs of the fridge and freezer systems. Furthermore, the insulation will alleviate the formation of condensation and icicles on the systems.

We have many years of experience with insulation of refrigeration and freezer systems, including insulation of cargo spaces on ships.

Materials used for fridge and freezer insulation

We will advise you on what materials to use for what system.

The most commonly used materials for refrigeration and freezer systems are:

  • Polyurethane foam
  • Armaflex
  • Rockwool

Offer on insulation work

You can always get a non-committal offer from UNITECH. Contact us on +45 98 51 20 09 or info@unitech-isolering.dk.